The Deduction Of The Emotion

                                  “A blueprint to dissect the anatomy of emotions.”

                  Emotions a term we are introduced to early on in our lives, goes on to rule most of our decision making. As a child and young adult we are purely driven by emotional reactions, as mature responses are expected from adults. Following your heart is always canvassed as the right thing to do. This is encouraged without the support of a concrete execution plan, that arms us to withstand failure, disappointment and forthcoming obstacles.

             It is true that emotions are the triggers of one’s true passions and desires. Moments that cause the chill down the spine, the flutter of butterflies are the true ‘Proustian Moments’ that give life meaning. But to approach emotion as an unique occurrence is where the downfall begins. Emotions should be the beginning of a mind map which highlights its source, the reason behind it and a set of explanations. Feelings attracts the things, people, activities that give you joy. But in its singularity, it is not capable of keeping you happy there for long.

            The deduction of emotion requires an understanding of oneself. Therefore I advice, that a person should spend a considerable amount of time in their lifespan getting to know themselves. This encourages an objective view of one’s own strengths and drawbacks, thus opening the doors for logical thinking and self improvement. Logic is always positioned as the enemy of emotions, whereas it must be treated more like a necessary companion.

            Logic is to be objective of a situation, to see the good and the bad in all fairness, to the full capacity of one’s understanding. For example, a positive emotion gives you an unmatched high but without the timely intervention of logic can lead to ego, naivety or delusion. A negative emotion has the power to instantly victimise you, whereas logic empowers you with strength to battle towards a solution.

         A common situation where emotion overwhelms is a lover’s argument. In a spat, thinking logically helps to protect your inner balance with a shield of objectivity from the outside world. You are now communicating with yourself to understand all probabilities of the situation and then respond as you wish to.

RESPOND DON’T REACT – Mantra of the day…                                                                                                  When emotions are contradicted, it rises a defence mechanism which bars all entry of logic. This occurrence needs a private moment, where internally the other opinion or allegation is assessed, the urge to react or be angry is calmed and then the decision to respond or not is made. It channelizes you in the right direction, gives you inner strength and saves you a lot of misery.                                                                                                                                      Since, the mind and the heart reside in the same body, their co-operation is as vital as the rest of our organs working in harmony. When in an emotional situation, deduce the feeling, break it down and allow logic to offer you reasoning, a solution and a tool to make it go away or last forever.


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